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Dr. Esthé Azulene Relief Solution Ampoule

Dr. Esthé Azulene Relief Solution Ampoule


Dr. esthé Azulene Relief Solution Ampoule is a super potent ampoule with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It will calm and soothe the most irritated skin and will add intense hydration to the skin, A game changer for those with sensitive, dry or acne prone skin.


Who will love it?

All skin types, but especially those struggling with redness, sensitivity, dryness, bumps or acne. You will fall in love with the soothing and hydrating benfits! Visibly reduces redness.

After cleansing apply a generous amount onto face and neck prior to moisturizing or applying a serum. Massage for 30 seconds.  Use morning and nightly every day. 

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