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Elevate your look from anywhere with this pigment-packed face palette designed to complement any complexion. Formulated with jojoba seed oil and vitamin E for clean, nourishing color, it features 9 sultry shadows ranging from rich mattes to sparkling metallics, plus 2 blushes and 2 highlighters to add instant warmth and glow. Exceptionally lightweight and long-wearing, it’s all you need to take your weekend from basic to breathtaking, no matter where you go!


DescriptionPalette FinishesHow To ApplyIngredient BenefitsIngredients

• Add the lightest color along your upper lash line.
• Blend the medium color out along your crease.
• Apply a "v" shape to your outer lid using the darkest color.
• Blend out the colors.
Blush: Using YB5 Cheek Brush (not included), sweep on apples of cheeks, blending out.
Highlighter: Lightly pick up with YB7 Highlight Brush (not included) and apply to cheek bones, cupid’s bow, under brow bones, down the bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eyes, décolletage and shoulders for a gorgeous glow.
PRO TIP: Dark contour palettes are not the only ones that can sculpt your face. A strategically placed blush can brighten and contour face as well. Use the YB12 Line Perfecting Brush to create a long-lasting eyeliner with the black shade Adventure.

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