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SOMEBYMI Assorted Beauty Masks, 1 Sheet

SOMEBYMI Assorted Beauty Masks, 1 Sheet



Category - Some By Mi's Daily Snail Solution

Daily Multi Skin Care

Skin Firming and Nourishing

Solution - Skin Barrier

Vegan Certified Sheet



These sheet masks are soaked in rich essence offering numerous benefits to the skin. A thin, soft cellulose sheet wraps around the face perfectly to deliver active ingredients to the skin.

Vegan certified sheet is used because not only we consider your skin but also our environment.


Description of each mask:

- Real Aloe Soothing Care Mask: A soothing care mask enriched with Aloe extract which helps to soothe irritated skin and hydrate your skin.

- Real Hyaluron Hydra Care Mask: A hydra care mask enriched formulated with Hyaluron to hydrate you skin.

- Real Snail Skin Barrier Care Mask: A skin barrier care mask enriched with snail mucin. Recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin.

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