Dr. Esthe Soothing and Moisture Mask - 5 Piece

Dr. Esthe Soothing and Moisture Mask - 5 Piece


Developed by 100 Korean Dermatologist. This 5 pack mask set is super hydrating, gentle and lightweight which is highly effective as a moisture drenching treatment for ALL skin types.


Safe for acne, this sheet mask is unique as it holds an extra-large amount of product to help skin become completely hydrated as quickly and deeply as possible.


You'll have tons of extra liquid in the packet so don't throw it out! Use it on your neck, chest or back of the hands, seal it up and use it for multiple days. Fantastically hydrating for all skin types.

After cleansing your skin, apply sheet mask over your face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. 

Pro Tip: Keep mask in fridge and apply in the morning immediately after waking up. It will help to minimize puffines. 

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