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Dr.esthe Skin Laser Toner

Dr.esthe Skin Laser Toner


Dr. esthe Rejuvenating Toner is a deeply moisturizing and renewing toner that soothes and heals the skin using PDRN, maca, and rice extract.


Why We Love It

This toner is the latest addition to the Rejuvenating line from Dr. esthe. Each product in this line is packed full of PDRN, a DNA fragment that promotes cell rejuvenation, heals wounds, and soothes the skin. This ingredient makes the rejuvenation line ideal for anyone with dry, sensitive, recovering, or even post-procedure skin.


What makes this toner special is its thick texture. We see it as a serum and toner in one because of its deeply hydrating nature, while still pH balancing the skin after cleansing.




Who Will Love It

Sensitive, dry, post-procedure skin will love the healing nature of this toner.

Pat onto freshly cleansed skin morning and nightly.

Best when used with other Dr.esthe products.

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